Our mission is simple.

We exist to empower and equip the church through innovative technological solutions that bring people closer to Christ.

Vision almost always outpaces resource. Striving to achieve excellence and impact through technological advances, social connectivity, and digital outreach are key markers for how well The Church will flourish in the future. Working closely with churches of all shapes and sizes helps us all gain an understanding of the problems technologists within churches are facing. We’re developing a vibrant community of like-minded followers of Christ who are passionate about leveraging technology to help plant more churches and grow existing churches.

Hillsong Technology is a joint venture between Hillsong Church and Brushfire Technology.

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We want to create a space where church technologists can go to get resources and to resource others.

We’re driven by the belief that innovation requires collaboration and exploration. Will you help us push through until we’ve found the right solutions to address the needs of the advancing church? We’re not asking you to join the conversation, we need you to help start it! Join our Facebook Group for Church Technologists. Share ideas, ask questions, and more.

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We're only as good as the community around us. Join us as we explore how we can together use technology more effectively.