We’re Better Together

Driving technology forward within the Church is a constant challenge. Vision always outpaces resource. Excellence and impact through technological advances, social connectivity, and digital outreach are key markers for how well The Church will flourish in the future.

Sadly the Church has never been looked upon as a thought leader for technology. What a shame to have to say that since we are a massive, globally connected body of humans with a singular purpose. And, our leader is the ruler of all things. We should and can be better. We must work better together, setting aside ego and pride.

Rob Beach, Global CIO, Hillsong Church

Let’s Build A Vibrant Community

In essence Hillsong Technology is a tech startup determined to see the Church adopt innovative technological solutions that bring people closer to Christ. Working closely with churches of all shapes and sizes gives us all an understanding of the problems technologists within churches are facing.

We’re developing a vibrant community of like-minded followers of Christ, who are passionate about using technology to help churches fulfil their mission, where ideas are heard and considered, and where we work together to make a real difference – whether that’s to reach the lost, plant more churches or serve our communities.

Stan Coker, Founder & CEO, Brushfire

We're Joining Forces

We’re believers in partnering with one another to strengthen each other. Brushfire and Hillsong have partnered together for a simple reason: relationship. Finding like-minded, ministry-focused, hard-working people that want to equip the local church all over the world.

We’re combining Brushfire’s experience building useful software that actually works [see Brushfire Events] and Hillsong’s vision to champion the global church to tackle the difficult, often seemingly impossible technology problems that churches face.

Hillsong Church

Set on fire by Hillsong Church’s mission to “Reach and influence the world…”, we firmly believe that technology can and must play a significant role in achieving this mission. Hillsong bring their passion for helping local churches, their relationships with like-minded churches, and the lessons their team has learned in building digital products for their own local church into partnership with the Brushfire team.

“I see a church that is constantly innovative: A church that leads the communication of a timeless message through media, film, and technology. A church with a message beamed to people around the globe through their television screens, bringing JESUS into homes, palaces and prisons alike.” — Brian Houston @brianchouston Global Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church.


Created with a passion for filling the gaps in church technology, the Brushfire online ticketing and registration platform is more than just a niche for the largest churches and ministries. Brushfire continues to fulfil its mission to work with every church in the world that manages events, no matter the size.

For over 13 years we’ve worked with churches and ministries around the world to provide innovative online ticketing and registration solutions. Brushfire provides the tools and team you need to make your events happen.

From events with just a few attendees to events with tens of thousands, our team is committed to helping you make a difference.

Brushfire’s competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service and support set us apart from the industry. Whether you have multiple campuses, a gigantic worship center, or just a big idea in a small room, we’re working toward the same goal as you, and that makes all the difference.

Join the Community

We're only as good as the community around us. Join us as we explore how we can together use technology more effectively.