Why Hillsong Technology

Rob Beach,
Rob Beach

I’ve spent my entire adult life in love with the Church and serving God in any way that I can. I’m passionate about seeing lives change upon introduction to Jesus, and if our church and team can find ways to use technology to help them find a relationship with Him, then that is 100% where I am called and want to be positioned.

For the past 11 years, I have over-sighted technology for Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia and have lived through the tension of having to deliver something simple yet functional; affordable yet effective; solving problems yet not creating new ones. Our team have aspired to bring technology and ministry together in ways that point people to Jesus, and I believe we’ve been successful in helping people find relationship with Him through our belief in technology coming alongside to enhance community in the Church.

I truly believe as humans we can be introduced to a loving God through a digital, technological medium, and I believe the Church needs to embrace technology to connect with the now and future generations, for the simple purpose of being given the chance to make a life altering decision. I have personally experienced real love and care from people through these various mediums; online chats, messages, online streaming and worship, emails, online games and more. I see a future and an integration of communication and community, intertwined and connected with technology, not to replace a physical community, but as an addition, and introduction to the Church, and a place to enhance real community.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the honour and privilege to work alongside a team from an organisation called Brushfire Technology. An inspiring group of people who have also worked in the tension between a call from God and technology. Lead by their CEO and Founder Stan Coker; for the last 13 years they have developed technology with the primary purpose of solving problems for the Church so that she can be all that she is meant to be.

Hillsong Church, working alongside our great friends at Brushfire Technology, are now launching Hillsong Technology. Our mission is to empower and equip the Church through innovative, technological solutions that bring people closer to Christ, to each other and their neighbour.

I personally believe that all of my years serving Hillsong Church has lead me to this place, to the possibility to serve the greater Church through technology. Playing my part in helping and potentially showing others how to use technology better to solve problems specific to the Church.

We’d love you to join us in exploring how we can better use technology for the church.

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